‘Unlimint’ed Access: Female Voices Roundtable

In light of International Women’s Day during Women’s History Month, Unlimint hosted four incredible women working in and around STEM, from varying industries. Coming from different industries and positions, our guests spoke about their journeys and the steps that are yet to be taken in order to change female stereotyping and encourage gender equality.

You’ve made it, so now show other women you did it, how you got there and how others can get there also

Charlotte Day

Despite the fact that various steps are being taken to create a space of gender parity and the conversation is reaching more mainstream platforms and organisations,  there is still resistance which can be seen in the stigmas and experiences of women, gender pay gap, and clear statistics that highlight continued disparity. Across the world, women are faced with not only bias but also cultural expectation to adhere to particular ways of behaving, living and performing.

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