How Savvy Marketers Turn Economic Downturns Into Gold

Article written by Charli and published at Agorapulse.

As the economy tightens, stakeholders are looking to get more out of their existing budgets. They might even be reducing them. So, can you refocus your marketing funnel, acquisition, conversions, and ROI to get more bang for less buck? I’m going to look at some social media manager challenges and achievable outcomes.

Agorapulse recently hosted a webinar called How Savvy Marketers Turn Economic Downturns into Growth Gold. Agorapulse CMO Darryl Praill, Sangram Vajre, and Judd Borakove from GTM Partners discussed:

  • What’s keeping your stakeholders up at night–and how you can help
  • How to use data to get more out of your current budget and bandwidth
  • The benefits of adjusting your strategies based on real-time data
  • What leadership wants to know … and when
  • How to attribute your social media campaign impact to top-line revenue

74% of advertisers said the economic downturn is influencing their 2023 budget decisions. And most marketers surveyed said their budgets and social media marketing costs are under heavy scrutiny.

Tighter budgets and shifting marketing priorities impacts social media marketers who might notice some tangible changes.

Let’s look at these social media manager challenges and some possible solutions that can help turn economic downturns into gold.


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