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How Agencies Can Manage Their Clients’ TikTok Accounts

Article written by Charli and published at Agorapulse, leaders in social media management.

TikTok’s winning short-form video format is piquing the interest of clients who once dismissed it as “something for teenagers.” But does TikTok fit into the outsourced marketing agency model? There are some very specific challenges that managing multiple TikTok accounts presents.

TikTok is my new BFF in the social media space. I love the format, creativity, tools, and music.

Plus, TikTok offers so much for brands looking to:

  • Refresh their image
  • Target a younger audience
  • Get creative
  • Switch their attention from more dated platforms.

As a marketing agency for the finance sector, we at Contentworks have been remotely managing client Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for years. But what about TikTok? Can a marketing agency manage multiple TikTok accounts for clients?