Five Agency Growth Secrets to Get More Business


Article written by Charli and published at Agorapulse.

Taking a marketing agency from zero to hero takes a ton of hard work and creativity. As marketers, we should know the basics at least. Competitor analysis, branding, PR, and a strong social media presence are the obvious ones. But how do you grow your agency? In this article, I’m sharing agency growth secrets from my experience as an agency owner.

Set goals for your agency

Strategy is key when starting your marketing agency. I’m not just talking about a content and social media strategy. You need to implement a growth strategy for the first year that you can then build on and adapt. Of course, it’s important to be adaptable. Circumstances change, budgets shift, and, in the early stages, you might not be completely sure of the behaviors of your target audience.

All that is fine. But you still need marketing strategies and goals for your agency, especially for long-term growth.

By setting proper goals in terms of clients, profit, and company growth, you will be able to form a solid marketing strategy that will help you reach those goals. When setting your agency goals, you will want to consider what your long term vision is for your agency. This will provide a guiding principles for all of your goals and activities. Ensure that your goals are specific and also achievable. For example, rather than setting a vague goal like “increase revenue,” set a more descriptive goal, such as “increase monthly revenue by 15% within the next six months by acquiring 5 new clients.” Remember to prioritize your goals and focus on those that are high-impact, and use these goals to inform the growth strategy for your agency.


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