Remember those 70s safety commercials “Charlie Says” featuring a rather silly boy and a wise, albeit slightly know it all cat? Charli Says took inspiration from that only I’m Charli Day. A (hopefully less annoying but also wise) British content strategist, writer, poet and cat lover. I’ve worked with high profile brands in the finance, tech and lifestyle spaces. From forex trading through to the latest spa treatments, I’ve created strategies, content plans, articles, PR, social media marketing and all those little but oh so important bits in between.

Today I co-direct Contentworks Agency, guest author at leading sites. I have 1000+ articles published and speak at events, podcasts and webinars. I also started on my first book. I probably can’t say too much about that. Only Pie, my one eyed rescue cat knows the truth and he won’t tell unless you bribe him with treats.

So that’s me. Living my best writer life.

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