How To Build A Successful Social Media Team

Article written by Charli and published at Agorapulse, leaders in social media management software.

Each week, I see LinkedIn job ads for social media managers. Duties include a working knowledge of social media, content writing, SEO, Google analytics, design, videography, advertising, and TikTok influencers … and … Hold it right there. That’s not a job for one person. That’s several jobs for a social media team!

To grow your company, whether a start-up agency or a successful digital marketing firm, you need to have several members for your social media team.

If your brand is established or has a large cash injection, it’s possible to hire for multiple roles at once. But if you’re starting from zero, you need to be much more strategic in regard to the people you onboard.

A quick, mass hiring without thought for the team, structure, skills, and overall input is a recipe for disaster. So, let’s run through how to build a social media team from zero.


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