Find me in the dark place


@charlisaysFind me in the dark place. A short story by Charli. ##writerslife ##amwriting ##darkpoetry ##poetry ##stories ##creepy♬ original sound – Charli Day

The clouds clambered heavy in the January sky.
Dusty like the heather and just as dense.
She was crying in her sleep again
And no shaking would wake her from it.
He drank cold coffee and held her the way he always did.
Pensive, listening for each breath. For muffled clues.
Her hair was damp with tears, her forehead pale.
And over and over those same numbers.
A mantra in the dark repeated in sequence until it was meaningless.
5221, 5221, 5221
An address, a lock, a date he didn’t know which.
But now he thought of it. That last night.
The night before they took her, before it all went wrong.
The line crackled as her voice faltered.
“Find me in the dark place” she said.

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Charlotte Day, known as Charli, is a content marketing strategist heading up social media and storytelling at Contentworks Agency. A content marketing thought leader, she has 1000+ articles published, guest writes for leading social media hubs and frequently speaks at events. She also maintains her own blog at and a writer’s life presence on social media. When she’s not writing and managing the agency, Charli enjoys swimming in the Mediterranean, writing poetry and reading.