Little Orange Cat

Once I met a little orange cat
With whiskers long and fur so flat
He sat in the rain at my window pane
A little orange cat.
Once I touched a little orange cat
His paws were white, his tail was matt.
His eyes they cried like winter skies
A little orange cat
Once I kissed a little orange cat
On top of his head from where he sat
An imprint of love on his sparce red fur
A little orange cat.
Once I lost a little orange cat
No more at my window for a friendly chat
He left in the rain, never saw him again
My little orange cat.

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Charlotte Day, known as Charli, is a content marketing strategist heading up social media and storytelling at Contentworks Agency. A content marketing thought leader, she has 1000+ articles published, guest writes for leading social media hubs and frequently speaks at events. She also maintains her own blog at and a writer’s life presence on social media. When she’s not writing and managing the agency, Charli enjoys swimming in the Mediterranean, writing poetry and reading.