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Which Facebook Character Are You?

For me Facebook is an interesting experiment as it brings together an assortment of characters forcing them all to network nicely with one another. If you enjoy people watching (as I do) then Facebook is just as good as sitting in a cafe and watching the world go by. Undoubtedly we must all apply some self analysis when it comes to our own characteristics so with that I’m asking Which Facebook Character Are You?

#1 The Drama Queen

Every post you create contains drama as though you are the only person who has ever suffered such indignities. You combine drama with a good dose of hypochondria so that every time you sneeze you are coming down with the world’s worst flu and simple tasks such as buying milk become an epic adventure. The drama queen also likes to create suspense on Facebook with posts such as “Had the absolute worst day ever” or “I’ve had it with fake people on Facebook”. The drama queen then attracts a long list of comments enquiring as to the problem and thus spinning the drama on and on for eternity.

#2 The Stalker

You “like” everything going right back to 2004 which means that photos we had forgotten about start popping up on timelines with your comments. You poke, message, comment and like until you eventually get a reply or get blocked… one or the other! Facebook provides ideal stalking ground for exes with a large percentage of ex couples unfriending one another and then using their friends account to stalk. The stalker is very often unaware of their own actions simply believing that he/she is merely interested in the news of others.

#3 The Bragger

Everything you achieve is on Facebook and there is no end to your bragging. We all enjoy seeing our friends and family succeed perhaps with a new promotion or a nice holiday but the bragger will post everything. Got a new tv? It’s there! Child is top of the class? it’s there! Cat is the most intelligent one in the neighbourhood yep it’s there! Tireless bragging can alienate friends and followers and this can apply to individuals as well as brands. If you are a bragger it may be time to tone it down!

#4 The Promoter

Alright as we are self reflecting I would probably put myself into this category. The promoter uses their own timeline to share business posts, commercials, brand advertising and anything else they can convince their hapless friends to join. Promotion is fine in moderation but constant sharing of adverts will leave your friends wondering if you are simply a walking talking commercial. Where possible, interact using your business page, invite your friends once to join it and then leave them alone… or lose them it’s your choice!

#5 The Flirt

For the flirt Facebook is nothing more that a huge big dating pool in which they can happily swim around flirting with strangers and sometimes friends. There is something anonymous about social networking which can turn the shyest computer geek into a massive online flirt – something they would never do in real life. Sometimes flirting is a natural progression – for example if you meet someone you like in a bar and swap profiles. however it can be very awkward when you decide to turn your attention to existing friends… or complete strangers!

#6 The Tagger

The tagger wants to include you in everything from posts about what they ate to dinner to photos of themselves in which you were not even present. The tagger usually makes sure that they look great in photos and is not too worried about everyone else in the shot. A tagger can usually be stopped by applying a timeline review to your profile enabling you to vet and approve tagged posts before they appear. Reject them all and the tagger will usually get the message… and just continue to tag you anyway!

#7 The One Who’s Missing

Your friends remember you once a year and check your profile to see that you are still with us because you never post anything… ever! Your followers will be surprised to learn that your baby is now 4 years old because they didn’t know you had one… or got married… ! It’s really cool that you live your life in 3D rather than through Facebook but give us something once in a while..,. please?

Which Facebook character are you? Tweet me and let me know!