5 Cringeworthy Social Media Moments of 2014!

Yes they did say that and yes it did go out on social media… ever felt the flush of humiliation just by looking at someone else’s post on social media? Well let’s just feel happy that these 5 Cringeworthy Social Media Moments of 2014 were not committed by us!

#5 Joan Rivers speaks from the grave

So Joan Rivers passed away and around a week later on her Facebook page an endorsement for Apple pops up. Like many of us Joan (or indeed her marketing team) were using scheduling software to manage posts but this one turned out to be particularly awkward as it occurred at the same time as her funeral.

#4 DiGiorno Pizza’s Tweet

After a video of Ray Rice punching his then fiance went public, other abused women shared their stories on Twitter using the hashtag #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft. This twitter trend went viral with some truly heartbreaking and poignant sentiments. Meanwhile pizza brand DiGiorno tweeted #WhyIStayed You Had Pizza. Ooops!  Obviously this was an innocent mistake by the brand but it goes to show that you really should be aware of what you are doing when you use trending hashtags.


#3 Donald Trump tweets serial killer photo

Oh Donald! When Donald Trump was asked by a twitter follower to retweet a photo in memory of his parents he did so without question. Unfortunately the hoax photo was of Fred and Rose West the notorious British serial killers. Donald’s tweet went viral and was then followed by his very public unhappiness over the apparent betrayal. You know that feeling when your awkward uncle gets up to dance at a wedding? Yep that’s pretty much it.


#2 NYP Facebook Hijack

When the New York Police Department asked users to send photos of themselves with the police I think they envisaged smiling children, happy communities and a general fuzzy loved up feeling. They didn’t anticipate a barrage of photos showing alleged police brutality. The page was flooded with photos and negative comments and it took a considerable amount of time for them to regain control.


#1 Bill Cosby’s Memes

When the famous Cosby Show actor asked fans to meme him Twitter exploded with #CosbyMeme(s) that blasted the 77-year-old comedian for alleged assault and molestation allegations. There was no way to contain the social media spillage as fans got super creative on Twitter and across the net making the subject trend for nearly a week. Definitely not the desired result.

What was your favourite Cringeworthy Social Media Moment of 2014?

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