Twitter Networking For Beginners

Twitter is growing at a faster rate than Facebook especially among business owners and professionals who are recognising its commercial value.

Many business owners think that creating a Twitter profile will mean instant success however as with all social media, effort is required on your part. But what are the best ways to start network using Twitter? Read Twitter Networking For Beginners and see if you can boost your performance.

1. Identify Influencers– Look for professionals in your line of business and complimentary industries with over 1000 followers. Remember that you are representing your business on Twitter so you should be following relevant brands as opposed to your own personal choices. If you want to follow hard rock bands then create a personal Twitter profile!

2. Show Interest– Read the tweets that your contacts have written and interact with them. Offer an opinion or agree with their sentiments. By doing this you are showing that you are truly a member of their community and you will make them sit up and show an interest in your brand.

3. Use Trending Hashtags– Check which hashtags are trending and see if you can use them in your tweets. Trending hashtags are great for getting noticed but make sure you do not use one which could cause controversy. For example – brands which use hashtags associated with a disaster to promote their brand are very uncool!

4. Retweets/Favourites– Make a conscious effort to retweet and favourite other people’s posts. This shows that you are truly interacting and is likely to result in others returning the favour. When one of your followers retweets your message you will get exposure to their contacts and therefore this is incredibly valuable especially if the “retweeter” has a lot of followers.

5. Pay It Back– Every week I like to offer a mention to those in my contacts list who I believe have contributed to the site the most. I might send them a funny photo or mention them by name. It is likely that these contacts will appreciate the extra exposure and will in turn pay more attention to your Twitter stream.

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