Why Can’t I Write At My Desk?

I have a desk. It has a computer on it, some pens and a plant. It’s a nice desk. So why is it that when I am completing writing assignments I am unable to sit on my chair and work at my desk? Why Can’t I Write At My Desk?

My favourite places for writing are sitting cross legged on the floor with my laptop, Sitting on the beach with a pen and paper and sipping a coffee at my favourite coffee shop with my notebook in front of me.

I am fairly envious of professionals who are able to sit at their desks, complete their assignments and not end their work covered in sand with aching legs and windswept hair! So now I’m analysing why it is that as content writer I feel the need to be so unconventional when I’m working and why I fidget and get distracted when I’m at a desk and this is what I have concluded.

Outside is good for creativity – I gather my writing inspiration from things that happen outside and not from staring at the wall. I love observing people in cafes, noticing the glint of the sun on the ocean and breathing in the scents around me. Even if I’m writing about cloud computing I still need the inspiration.

I’m not conventional – Nothing about me is conventional and I guess that also goes for my ability to sit at a desk. Whilst sitting at a desk produced great results for some writers, I like to break the rules and prove that you can produce great writing anywhere you like.

I get bored – I love writing but something about pulling up a chair and sitting at a desk seems boring to me. I felt exactly the same at school instead cherishing the poetry lessons when we would sit under a tree to read Keats or walk through the woods to paint our surroundings.

So I’m curious… is anyone else like this when it comes to their desk? Tweet me @charli_says and let me know!

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