Oblivion Dreams

“I do so crave oblivion” she sighed
The softness of gin induced murmurings and the dead sleep that followed.
Head swimming in endless charcoal skies
Limbs kicking out against velvet nothing.
Both enchanting and free dancing on the North Shore pier
Glass filled and hair cool in the late summer air.
“There you can be anyone you please” she said
The romance writer or the spy from somewhere else.
Each night a different oblivion, floating and tip toeing from the bed.
Feet feathered and body hollow
“Do you want to return?” He asked. “Won’t you lose yourself entirely?”
Her gin perspired as she tasted its dryness on her numb lips.
“That my darling, is exactly where you will find me.”
@charlisaysOblivion Dreams, a short story by Charli Says ##charlisays ##writingcommunity ##authors ##poetsoftiktok ??❤

♬ original sound – Charli Day

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