10 People You Meet At a Finance Conference

Whether you want to network, spread brand awareness or get your head around the latest crypto trends – a finance conference is the place to be. It’s the perfect chance to stash free samples (we all need a new pen right?) and with plenty of trendy yet scrummy treats (think posh donuts and coffee smoothies), it’s much better than a day cooped up in the office!

People often clump “finance people” together but at conferences you will see that this is not at all true. As you’re gliding around the expo hall smiling awkwardly and trying to look as ‘cool corporate’ as possible – be sure to observe carefully. You’ll find a very interesting crowd that’s likely to include these 10 people:

The One Who Wants to Talk Blockchain – but no-one else really gets it!

“You see each node has a copy of the ledger file.” Yeah alright Barry, we’ll attend the Blockchain Potential conference at 2pm and take all the notes we need then if you don’t mind!

The ICO – always trying to raise funds and spread awareness

Your ICO solves a real-life problem, you say? The ICO has passion; a burning passion that’s hotter than the caffeinated beverages 99.9% of attendees rely on to keep them buzzing throughout the day.

The Service Provider – busy handing out cards, promo items and networking

They’ve jaw ache from smiling at every passer-by, but that won’t stop The Service Provider from drawing in an audience with leaflets, business cards and perhaps something laden in sugar; after all, everyone loves something that’s laden in sugar.

The Red Braces Striped Shirt – polished and groomed to perfection

If you’re wearing jeans and sneakers, approach The Red Braces Striped Shirt with caution. They’ve watched Wolf of Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross many times and don’t do “lazy millennials”. They often view jeans wearers with trepidation.

The Entrepreneur – so much to do, so little time

The Entrepreneur fills the room with a creative yet somewhat chaotic energy. You’re not quite sure if they’re standing on burning coals or if they need the bathroom – but it’s clear they don’t want to be hanging around in the same place for too long. Time is money, don’t you know? Time is money!

The Perpetual Job-Seeker – a fast learner with a regularly updated CV

Their last job wasn’t challenging enough and neither was the one before. The boss was unfair, unjust and didn’t even order pizza on a dress-down Friday (eye roll). They’re willing to do anything it takes to succeed in the finance world – apart from be at the office at 8am because, you now, that’s far too early.

The Social Media Addict – nice to meet you, we’re now Facebook friends

Immersed in a virtual world of filters and hashtags, the social addict doesn’t look up from their phone. They’re more interested in flooding their Twitter feed with #Exposnaps than talking to a real-life human being. But if you do catch their eye, expect a Facebook friend request within minutes followed by a ton of tags.

The Nervous Panel Speaker – a quite genius with unquestionable intellect

The one with the nerves doesn’t say much, but when the microphone comes, the audience is overcome by the unquestionable intellect that shines out of each and every sentence. A dark horse with real potential, the nervous speaker is secretly admired by some of the other big egos on the panel.

The Sponsor – they’d sponsor the shirt on your back if they could

Their logo is everywhere. Damn, you’re even wearing a t-shirt with it on. And that goodie bag you got at the beginning? Yep, filled with branded bits and bobs from you’ve guessed it – The Sponsor. Warning: They may even infiltrate your dreams (evil laugh.)

The Organiser – cool, calm and collected with a hidden dash of arghhhhhhh!!!!

The Organiser might look cool and calm on the surface but they’ve not slept in a month and yes that is their 24th frappe of the day. When they excuse themselves to ‘get the next panel talk underway’, they’re really heading into a side office to scream into a mug.

Finance conferences can be somewhat amusing, but on a serious note they’re a great way to expand your knowledge of the sector and mingle with like-minded people. So, with this in mind here are some best practices to help you get the most of your experience:

  • Schedule meetings before the event to ensure you can meet everyone you want to
  • Know who’s speaking and which talks you definitely want to attend
  • Don’t overdo it – you don’t to do 7am-7pm every single day
  • Stay organised with new contacts or leads so you can pursue them after the event
  • Don’t be too salesy
  • Listen and learn

As the Creative Manager of Contentworks – a leading content marketing agency tailoring solutions to the finance sector – I regularly attend conferences and will be at Decentralized Athens 2018. Get in touch today for more information. www.contentworks.agency

PS- I’m somewhere between #3 and #7

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