Wait! Do I Have Your Attention?

Did you know that the average human attention span is down from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds in 2018? That’s less than a goldfish!

Still with me? Great!

We’re an impatient bunch – and it’s hardly surprising. With so much content thrown at us on a regular basis, we can skim, skip and scan to our heart’s content. Which explains why scientists are blaming smartphones and technology for our lack of concentration.

So, what are the … oh look, a shiny bird

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes! So, what are the implications for content marketing and brand engagement? As Creative Director of Contentworks – an agency known for holding the attention of the finance world, I’ve got some tips!

1.     Produce shorter videos

Let’s face it; people want all the useful ‘stuff’ – the tips, the how-tos, the advice – but they’re busy. They want the info and they want it now.

The good news is – there’s a solution. Producing shorter videos for your website or social channels is a great move helping you to communicate with your target audience without putting them into a boredom-induced coma. It doesn’t take much these days, seriously! Even YouTube has changed its metrics counting an ‘engagement’ whenever a user watches 10 seconds of video content. It used to be 30 seconds indicating a sign of the times.

Top tips for shorter video production:

  • Include your main marketing message – don’t squeeze too much into a small timeframe as this could come across like a crazed rant after a sugar overdose.
  • Have a call to action – tell people what you want them to do next and how to do it.
  • Be concise, don’t waffle and as it is video, make the most of graphics and imagery to convey your message in fewer words.

Still with me? Let’s do this.


2.     Write punchier blogs with takeaways

Blogging is a tried and tested way to increase engagement – but don’t go on and on. Keep it short, keep it interesting and offer useful facts and actionable takeaways. POW!

Top tips:

  • Use bold and italic fonts to make content standout
  • Use headers to break up your blog and make it easier for ‘skimmers’ to find what they want to read quickly and easily.
  • Include top facts and ‘did you know?’ sections.
  • Include a short video or infographic to emphasise your points.

3.     Offer Bitesize Content For Educational Purposes

Bitesize chocolates are great right? Sure, one is never enough, and you’ll end up eating 10 but still. Bitesize content is great for the same reasons. This is because there’s no obligation to read long, drawn out paragraphs and you can always have more.

Bitesize content can also be shared across social media sites like Twitter and if you’re wise you’ll include a CTA in your content like ‘tweet now.’

Educational content is ideally presented in bitesize format. Readers should feel they’ve learnt something after each section boosting their confidence and encouraging them to continue.  Include infographics, images, graphs and video – which make learning easier.

Stop thinking about the chocolate!

If you want to learn more about capturing an impatient marketplace with content marketing visit www.contentworks.agency today. And, out of curiosity, did you read until the end? Share if you did!

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