When The Last Petal Falls

The silver tongued roses in that crystal vase you bought me

Are too flawless for me and my tainted fingertips didn’t you know

I detest their purity and radiance, layers of unattainable perfection

Like sweet scented swans, heads held high, higher than mine

Thorns protecting their loveliness from those who are unworthy

Chastising the eager beneath who grasp desperate at their stems

Grasping to touch their velvety skin so pure and translucent

Commanding my love for how could anyone not adore them?

But I will remain, passing the time, quietly neglecting them

As they age before my eyes, fading to bruised russet and sombre grey

The autumn of their life has come and love is behind them

And I will mourn and fain sadness when the last petal falls.

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