Tips and ‘Tricks’ From Psychology for Better Engagement on Social Media

Article written by Charli and published at Agorapulse.

A little psychology goes a long way in social media posts. Here’s a look at some tips and tricks from the world of psychology that can help social media managers engage more with their audiences.

If you think the success of certain brands on social media is pure chance, think again. Our favorite brands have been honing their techniques ever since social media began. In fact, the psychological social media tricks that they use can make us feel bonded to their brand, compelled to share, or driven to purchase. Ultimately, psychological marketing or marketing psychology is now the cornerstone of any successful company.

So how do they do it? Should they be doing it? And what can we learn? At my agency Contentworks, we’ve been gleaning some insider knowledge on the subject.

Here are the psychological social media “tips” you need to know.


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