Q4 Intelligence Report – Interview With Charlotte Day

Article written by Charli and published in the Finance Magnates Q4 Intelligence Report, the world’s foremost provider of in-depth knowledge in the field of multi-asset trading.

One of the most popular forms of client acquisitions, at least before 2020, was a trading seminar. We know that such educational seminars were designed to acquire new customers as opposed to only teach them trading. Why this form of acquisition was so often used by some brokers?

Educational seminars were always used by brokers, but more in the realm of onboarding IBs and training their partners. On November 30 2016, brokers were told by CySEC that they could no longer offer bonuses. This was a huge shock for the sector as it meant that the old 50% bonus, trade and win a Lamborghini and get cashback were gone. Not long after, GDPR rules meant that brokers could no longer use bought lists or target lists of non opted-in users on social media.

Why is this relevant? The move forced brokers to rethink their acquisition strategy. Around that time we saw an increase in demand for solid content, educational blogs, eBooks, videos and of course B2C forex seminars. Trading seminars equal a legitimate registration, growth of IB and partnership networks and a trading boost if they are conducted in a persuasive and engaging way.  Plus, with smart funnelling and integration of landing pages, website and social media, brokers can continue to retarget later on.

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