Letters to the Moon Goddess Selene

@charlisaysAn extract of “Letters To The Moon Goddess Selene” by Charli. 🖋📖🌸Read the full poem at charlisays.com/letters-to-the-moon-goddess-selene ##writers♬ original sound – Charli Day

I accepted sweet Selene, sister of the celestial.
That hard pull upward to your lunar light.
Stopped still in the street, pulse dropped, as time seeped into the cool Athenian night.A dreamers climb up up to the white temple on the hill. Stones sliding, twisting over gnarled mandrake and the roots of wise olive bearers.
Dress floating light, an earthly apparition.
Breathing in cool mint and lemon balm. Exhaling the sweet saffron flowers that danced softly in the fields below.Trees rustling I held my breath tight
Fingers outstretched in the dense magic of a thousand wishes.
Searching the stone courtyard lit by pearlescent moonlight that spilled into the valleys and the distant riverbed.
Casting deep shadows in the furrows of stone, birthing monsters.

You brought me here to see your love.
The Caria boy, dreamlike in the milky light.
A spellbound waxwork.
His soft heartbeat echoing the ruins of your world. Waiting to touch the crescent of your soft brow. An age of longing.
Of softly imploring the heavens for your return.
A return that can never be.

And that dear Selene, is the aching sadness of a lost love. Beaming beautiful and brutal to all the earthly corners.
I implore you, let me wake perchance to dream again.
Elusive sky goddess.

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