Learn To Create Content That Drives Traffic

Creating content is easy, creating content that’s a pleasure to read is harder, creating content that drives traffic is really tough.  Whether you are driving traffic from social media to a website/landing page or from email to social media, the rules are the same. There are plenty of ways to boost the power of your content but I’m going to tell you my top 3 ways to create content that drives traffic.

  1. Get Your Headline Right

Headlines are crucial because most people use them to decide whether to read your articles and emails or not to bother. Your article might be amazing but if your headline is flat then it’s wasted. Every day in the world there are approximately 2,338,900 blog posts published… yours needs to stand out! Don’t use clickbait titles which fail to deliver what they promised, but do offer exciting, challenging and intriguing headlines which provide a taste of what’s to come.

headlines matter



This image from CoSchedule shows you the optimum headline length for social media posts.

  1. Work On Your Search Engine Optimization

According to Hubspot, 3 out of 4 people (75%) won’t scroll further than the first page of results on their chosen search engine. So why does that matter? Well, if you don’t appear on that page you won’t get traffic so your blog posts must be well optimized. Writing a good Meta description for every blog post is easy to do using tools like Yoast for WordPress and it really does help. Of course you should also include keywords and keyword phrases but don’t go overboard. Your content should still be pleasurable to read and not stuffed full of ill-fitting words.


  • Understand your target audience and the words they use to search
  • Include relevant phrases in your site copy
  • Add new content to your site at least twice per week
  • Use a tool like Woorank to assess your site’s SEO and make changes
  1. Embrace Visuals in Content

Our digital world has become heavily reliant on visuals and researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. More pictures definitely don’t equal more web traffic but they will get you 94% more views on social media and a ton more shares too. Your chances of a higher CTR (click through rate) are significantly increased if your content is popular on social media so take the time to make some branded graphics.

canva graphics

  • Use Canva to design your own graphics
  • Include a featured image and colourful headers with blog posts
  • Always brand your images to maximize the benefits gained via social sharing
  • Use the correct pixel sizes for each network for maximum impact

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