How to Create An Instagram Strategy That Wins 2021

Article written by Charli and published at Agorapulse – leaders in social media software.

Need to have a picture-perfect Instagram strategy? Check out these tips for how you can make the absolute most out of the popular social media channel. 

When Instagram first launched in 2010, I was a social media manager for a finance brand. None of us knew what to do with the channel, so we settled on “Just throw some office pictures on it every month.”And that was that. No strategy, no planning. Just a few photos of Sandra from accounts and the office plants.

Fast forward 11 years. Instagram is now one of the top social media platforms with over 1 billion+ monthly active users and 25 million business profiles. And I definitely know how to strategize for Instagram.

It’s one of the top channels we use at my agency Contentworks for brand building, and competition is fierce.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to create an Instagram strategy that wins 2021.


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