Facebook At Work?

The social buzz this week is all about Facebook At Work. When I say this I don’t mean you sneakily checking your news feed whilst pretending to be looking at some company graphs I mean a Facebook network specifically designed for the workplace.

According to the Financial Times, Zuckerberg is developing a version of Facebook featuring a separate newsfeed and photos to encourage colleague based interaction. This means that the photos of you lying on the street covered in beer will not be shared with your boss and neither will your status update about how much you dislike your work colleagues! Just teasing of course we don’t write things like that…

The business world is very appealing to Facebook which sees that Linkedin has 300 million users, 90 million of which are active. Linkedin is of course deemed to be the main professional social network and is accepted by most workplaces as acceptable for use within the office.

I am intrigued as to whether there is a place for Facebook At Work purely because most of us have already managed to manipulate our privacy controls to include, hide or exclude work colleagues from our updates. It also reopens the whole debate for companies who have banned Facebook from the workplace… will they now allow it? Additionally will users migrate over from Linkedin or continue to use the networks independently?

What do you think… do we need Facebook at Work? Tweet me your thoughts @charli_says

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