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What The Content Manager Heard

“Quick! I need a 1000-word PR by 11am” shouts the CMO to the Content Manager at 10.45am. Because obviously it’s easy to source, write, edit and fact check an assignment of this size in 15 minutes. Sadly, there are many business leaders out there and indeed employees who think writing interesting, informative and on-brand content is

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5 Sure Ways To Annoy A Writer

If you’re friends with a writer then you will know that we can be a strange bunch. One minute serenely staring out to sea, notepad in hand and the next mumbling character ideas and scribbling random words on a receipt. No two writers are ever the same but we do share certain similarities. Here are

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Marketing to Women in 2018

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for online marketing, as the rise of data analytics, live video streaming and native advertising permeate a wide variety of business strategies. With online marketing becoming more crowded, businesses are looking for more effective ways to reach their target market, making segmentation more critical than ever

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