Take me to the sea


Take Me To The Sea a poem written and read by Charli. ##writerslife ##charlisays ##amwriting ##poetry

♬ original sound – Charli Day

The ocean calling pulls me from my grimy city dream, a mirage of cerulean depth

Stumbling blindly towards the shore, a magnetic pull of my sign

Weary limbs alive in liquid sapphire, an aqua medusa born to join them

Each strand of hair a rainbow on the glittering surface worshipping the sunrise

The shimmers play, kissing my face with a million blessings, illuminating my sight

Faithful knees on watery dunes I wait, they are coming, they were always here

Foreign voices below the surface waken, an infinite chorus of distance

I realise each alien sound, its echo recorded below the waves for eternity

If I am lost they will find me again, take me to the sea.

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