Things My Mum Says

This morning I checked my emails and received this awesome comment from my Mum “It’s so funny after I gmailed you those flight details the internet showed me more… it’s like it knew”. Bless you Mum.

Anyway, inspired by this I decided to make a compilation of the top 5 social media and technology comments my Mum has made in the last few months.

1. “No I don’t want to go on Facebook – I don’t want everyone watching me doing the housework in my dressing gown”

2. “I’m sorry you don’t feel well this week … LOL” (LOL means lots of love as far as my Mum is concerned)

3. “I think I made the internet crash”

4. “You talked about tweeting in your latest article and I was wondering if it was something to do with birds”

5. We might join Friends Reunited everyone seems to be talking about it (this was last week)

Is your Mum as internet savvy as mine?

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