‘Secret’ Social Media Manager Skills Needed for Success

Article written by Charli and published at Agorapulse, leaders in social media software.

Some of the most important skills of a social media manager don’t show up on a resume. Here’s a look at “secret” social media manager skills that help them succeed.

Sixteen years ago, Facebook launched, and since then a flurry of other social media platforms joined the mix. “Social media manager” is now an essential position for companies to fill and the expectations are higher than ever.

But what secret powers set some social media managers apart from others? What makes them succeed when others fail?

Before establishing Contentworks Agency, I was a social media manager for many years in the fast-paced world of finance. In this article, I’m going to share my six secret skills of successful social media managers with some actionable takeaways. Some of these might surprise you!


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