Interview with Charlotte Day – 3 Years At The Helm Of A Busy Marketing Agency

An interview with Charlotte at leading fintech and tech site Tech Bullion:

Charlotte Day is the Creative Director of Contentworks Agency.  A senior marketing strategist, content marketing thought leader, social media expert and author of 1000+ articles.

Charlotte, tell us more about yourself?

I’m a writer at heart and always been. I started out by writing event reviews for the local newspaper when I was at University. In the 2000s I worked as a content writer for a large tech organisation and launched my own website This was a place for me to showcase my thought leadership and content marketing ideas in addition to building up my experience working with big brands. I also crafted a strong online presence and became active on social media, especially Twitter and Linkedin. In the meantime, I progressed to become head of content and strategy for a large forex company. It was during this period that I learnt how to use my creative marketing and storytelling skills to reinvigorate a traditionally dull industry. Finance. In 2017, along with my business partner Niki Nikolaou, we founded Contentworks Agency.


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