Internet Words That Should Disappear in 2015!

Working in social media and online content writing I am usually the first to be aware of the latest phrases and words that are trending. Often they are harmless abbreviations such as the ever popular LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and SMH (Shaking My Head) and that’s just fine with me. What I want to discuss here are the annoying words and phrases… the ones I want people to stop using… they are the Kim Kardashians of the vocabulary world … internet words that should disappear in 2015!


YOLO (You Only Live Once) has been overused in 2014 and let’s be honest it was never cool to start with. It reminds me of an MC Hammer 80’s tune which would have been fine for a month… in Florida … in the summer. Usually YOLO is accompanied by photos of people doing stupid things as a sort of battle cry to justify the stupidity. In 2015 let’s make it stop … please!


It’s fine to use hashtags as in # but it is not ok…. really not ok to write the word hashtag or say it. As in “I just got home hashtag hangover“. I think this one is predominantly used by people who either don’t understand how hashtags work or think it’s funny to use them this way. It isn’t funny…. please go away!


Ironically and somewhat appropriately BAE is a Danish word for poop. The good people of the internet now use it to abbreviate babe, baby or sweetie. If you have ever had the misfortunate to hear someone address you as BAE you will know it is just as unpleasant verbally as it is online. My biggest problem with BAE is that it is only one letter away from BABY so is it actually easier? Stop it people please.


Defined as the written way to shrug one’s shoulders MEH is seriously annoying. “How are you doing?” answer MEH… seriously? Sadly I don’t think that MEH is going away as it is now an integrated part of our online language, memes and gifs. Oh well continue with the boredom and apathy of this word!


How has METHINKS become popular? This is something my Mum says… in fact it is something my Mum has said since about 1980. It is a pretentious and annoying way to say “I think” as in “Methinks that movie is rather bad”. Whilst I don’t think it’s going away I promise you I will never use it!


Used to describe the noise you make when you are enjoying food… eg ..”Eating pizza Nom Nom“. I find it really annoying and unnecessary although it does fit somewhat with our online obsession with food. Describing it, photographing it and of course eating it. It is slightly reminiscent of a cartoon character demolishing a leg of lamb in 5 seconds and proclaiming nom nom at the end.


Totes as in “It’s totes crazy in the bar tonight“. I think this one originated from TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) television show and in honesty I wish it had stayed there. Totes hasmade its way from internet language over to verbal communication and it’s horrible. Say “totally” or don’t say anything.


I’m so bored with the Keep Calm Memes, Gifs and ecards on the internet. What was once amusing has now become incredibly annoying due to its overuse in all situations. Keep Calm and Vote for Obama, Keep Calm and Start Sewing, Keep Calm and Go Sky Diving and on and on and on. The truth is these ecards now provoke the opposite reaction when I see them leaving me feeling enraged towards the person or brand who is perpetuating this atrocity.

So that’s my list of internet words that should disappear in 2015. Which one do you hate the most? Tweet me @charli_says and let me know!

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