7 Qualities of a great content writer

Need a content writer for your brand? Perhaps you need someone to write your website, create newsletters, rewrite your corporate brochure or work with you to create slogans and banner text. If you are looking to hire someone to help with your text then read 7 Qualities of a great content writer to help you do it!


Many people can write but there is a difference between writing and being a writer. Writers tell stories, excite readers, engage online visitors and promote your brand because their words have the power to reach into the minds of their readers. Make sure the person you hire has this skill first and foremost!


Writers write not just because they get paid but because they have passion. As a writer I love what I do and it shows in my work which is why I do not copy content or cut corners. I actually love to write! Check out the passion levels of your writer to see if they are as enthusiastic about your brand as you are.


It is important that you find a freelance writer who has experience so check their previous work. Depending on your industry you might also want to check that they have experience in your particular field eg accountancy, real estate, beauty or IT. Don’t cut costs by hiring a new or inexperienced writer… it might cost you a lot more over time!


If your content writer is experienced in website writing then they will be familiar with SEO and good practices such as keyword usage and other optimisation techniques. It is not enough to simply be a great writer when you are providing text for websites because it will impact on your rankings.


A professional writer will respect you and your business when it comes to accuracy, deadlines and reliability. These are important qualities to look for however remember to treat your writer with the same level of respect and consideration.


It is important that you consider the character of your content writer and whether he or she will gel with you and your brand. For example my style is very modern and creative so generally my writing is suited to more forward thinking brands. I also like to have a fun relationship with my clients which won’t suit everyone. If you have a writer who is very stressed or unfriendly then however great the content writing is, you may struggle!


If you want your brand to grow then it is important to hire a content writer with ideas and initiative. Many of my clients will leave me to research and write my own blog topics because I love the creative element of writing. If your writer needs constant instruction and supervision then you may not be moving forward as fast as your brand needs. Once you trust your writer allow him the freedom to bring new ideas to the table and exercise his creativity.

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