5 Winning Headlines To Try Now

Creating engaging headlines is one of the most important aspects of copy writing, it’s also the most challenging part and the part in which most businesses fail. If you don’t write a compelling headline then your email or blog post won’t get opened and your entire digital marketing funnel will be void.  So how do you write a compelling headline and which ones work best? My latest article 5 winning headlines to try now will show you the tried and tested winners of the digital marketing industry.

  1. The “How To” Headline

The “How To” headline is a consistent winner because it promises a free tutorial and a solution to your problem even if you didn’t know you had one. Tailor your headline and email to a common problem and your open rate should increase. Of course you need to make sure your email content is equally great or you will just have a high bounce rate. Numbers grab attention and tell your audience you’re an authority with real information to offer them so include some list headlines. Some awesome “How To” headlines include:

“How To Declutter Your Life”

“10 Hacks To Improve Your Website Ranking”

“How You Can Be The Boss of Twitter”

  1. The “Teaser” Headline

The teaser headline had been working for decades… why? Because once something has piqued our interest it becomes impossible to ignore. By making your headlines so irresistible, you will increase your open rate overnight. Of course, remember not to use spam words and be sure that your content follows through from your headline… otherwise my friends that is clickbait and nobody likes clickbait!

“She Tried This Quick Technique And Gained 100 Fans ”

“The Secrets of a Self-Made Millionaire”

“He Made This One Change And Grew Her Business” 

  1. The “Question” Headline

Ask your readers a question and they will automatically think of a response. Their curiosity will often get the better of them so they will then read your content to see if their answer matches with yours or to give feedback. Humans by nature love to talk about themselves so if you ask a question that relates to their personality you will certainly pique their interest.

“Are You A Typical Virgo?”

“Want To Get Healthy For Summer?”

“Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You?”

  1. The “Irresistible Offer” Headline

Give your readers an irresistible offer and add a time limit to it for some added urgency. Your headline will jump out at them and compel them to open up your email and read on. Try to avoid clichés such as “For a limited time” or “stock running out”. Here are a few of my tried and tested “irresistible offer” headlines:

“A $10 Voucher For Your Next Order”

“Book Now & Get 15% Off”

“Be The First To See Our New Collection”

  1. The “Random” Headline

Nothing catches a reader’s attention like a really random quirky headline that’s a little bit controversial! In a full to bursting morning inbox, sometimes it can be the quirky headline that wins the day. Make it personal to your brand and keep the humour levels high throughout the email. Of course, ending up in the spam folder isn’t the aim so go easy on the craziness!

“USD Gets Whipped by the JPY!”

“Can Twitter Predict the Future? Pentagon says Maybe”

“How A Single Guest Post Got An Entire Site Banned By Google”


So there you go, 5 Winning Headlines To Try Now. What was the best headline you ever wrote? Tweet me @Charli_Says and let me know.

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