5 Sure Ways To Annoy A Writer

If you’re friends with a writer then you will know that we can be a strange bunch. One minute serenely staring out to sea, notepad in hand and the next mumbling character ideas and scribbling random words on a receipt. No two writers are ever the same but we do share certain similarities. Here are 5 Sure Ways To Annoy A Writer … agree?

1. Ask Us To Copy Other People’s Work

Good writers don’t copy other people’s work. Yes, we take inspiration but we don’t copy text word for word. As a content writer I am always saddened when I’m asked to copy another writer’s text and just “jazz it up a bit”. Plus … you know that’s not cool for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) right?

2. Ask If We Wrote About You

Asking a writer if he/she based characters on you is annoying and kind of narcissistic. Poetry and creative writing is not necessarily based on true events and real people and a good writer is capable of conjuring characters and scenarios that never happened. Worse still, the jealous lover begging to be featured in your work… please don’t do it!

3. Expect Us To Know Every 19th Century Poet

Ah yes you must have read the works of Delmira Agustini? No? How about Ambrose Bierce? And you’re a writer? There are thousands of talented writers both past and present and to expect us to know them all is annoying. Add extra “annoyance points” for people who actually quote 19th century poems and smile maniacally when you don’t identify them.

4. Say “I Could Do Your Job”

Why do people say that to freelance writers? It would be like me approaching an accountant, nurse or lawyer and telling them I could easily do their job. Freelance writing is both a natural and practiced talent which involves excellent language skills, a good understanding of SEO, knowledge of copyright rules and an ability to research, paraphrase and source information. In my case, 15+ years of digital content marketing experience have also honed my skills so no, my job isn’t easy and no, you probably couldn’t do it!

5. When Are You Publishing Your Book?

Ah you’re a writer? When are you publishing your book? Many freelance writers like myself enjoy writing articles, poems and short stories with no desire to write a book. Plus… you do know that only 0.2% of manuscripts received by publishing houses are actually published? Oh and if you’re writing for a job then it’s those “boring” articles that pay the bills so please stop asking us about the book deal!

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