Top 20 Finance Writers on Social Media

When I’m writing for finance brands it’s essential that I remain connected to the financial markets in order to write effectively. By following the best writers on Twitter I can receive timely, informed views about the complex world of finance immediately after important movements in the market. So here we go… let’s look at the Top 20 Finance Writers on Social Media ranked in no particular order:

  1. Tadas Viskanta @abnormalreturns

Tadas Viskanta is the Editor of Abnormal Returns, one of the best sources of “forecast-free” investment advice on the web. Viskanta is an extremely knowledgeable investor, having spent more than 25 years in the financial markets.

  1. Chris Adams @chrisadamsmkts

Chris Adams is Market Editor to Financial Times, one of the world’s most trusted sources of market news. Adams’ knowledge – and how quickly he can deliver it – is particularly impressive.

  1. Marc Chaikin @marcchaikin

Marc Chaikin is a stock market expert based in Philadelphia (which is probably why he has less than 5,000 followers).  Chaikin is all about quantitative analysis, so if you’re into that sort of thing, he’s your man.

  1. AngelaZhou @z8angela

Angela Zhou is an awesome day trader who provides unique commentary about the markets. The fact that she promotes thinking before following is reason enough to check her out.

  1. Fabrizio Goria @fgoria

Fabrizio Goria is a self-described “finance geek” who serves as Editor In-Chief for an Italian economics, politics and international affairs website. Goria delivers short (even by Twitter’s standards), insightful posts linking readers to powerful articles about world finance.

  1. JustinWolfers @justinwolfers

If his finance advice doesn’t impress you, his golden blonde locks sure will. Justin Wolfers is Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan and Contributing Columnist to the New York Times. He knows a thing or two about the markets.

  1. Markit Economics @MarkitEconomics

The research firm that brings you monthly PMIs also has an amazing Twitter handle full of interesting data and charts. Another must-follow for finance pros and day traders.

  1. John Carney @carney

John Carney is devoted to everything finance. This “trouble maker” writes about the markets for The Wall Street Journal. He previously held a senior position with CNBC.

  1. Matina Stevis @matinastevis

Matina Stevis is another one of the powerful writers commissioned by The Wall Street Journal. She currently “writes about money in Africa,” but has also written about the Eurozone crisis for Dow Jones.

  1. Ben White @morningmoneyben

Ben White is the Chief Economic Correspondent and Morning Money columnist to POLITICO. If you can handle his sports tweets, you’ll find his insights particularly interesting.

  1. Neil Barofsky @neilbarofsky

Neil Barofsky used to work for the US Treasury. The fact that he lived to tell about it is good enough reason to follow him. He’s also a law executive and author of a New York Times bestseller. Very few people know bailouts better than Neil Barofsky.

  1. Kristen Scholer @KristenScholer

When you’re a journalist for The Wall Street Journal, what you say matters. Kristen Scholer points readers in the right direction by tweeting about the most important events in the market. Her appetite is everything finance.

  1. Karl Smith, Adam Ozimek and Niklas Blanchard @modelbehavior

Most traders need to brush up on their macroeconomics. That’s why they should follow Modeled Behavior, a powerful blog focusing on everything macroeconomics. This is the perfect place to learn about market fundamentals.

  1. Katie Martin @katie_martin_fx

Katie Martin is a must-follow for forex traders. She has served as currencies editor for Dow Jones and writer for The Wall Street Journal. She tells you everything you need to know about her in her intro: “fastFT. Ex-WSJ. CIO, Vomiting Camel Asset Management. Walthamstow before it was cool. Crap jokes. Terrible at answering emails.”

  1. Mark Dow @mark_dow

Not only is Mark Dow an expert fund manager, he tweets in three languages. His primary focus is behavioural macroeconomics.

  1. Felix Salmon @felixsalmon

Felix Salon currently serves as Senior Editor to Fusion, a mishmash of pop culture, satire and news website with nearly 200,000 Twitter followers. While Salmon’s bio won’t tell you much, he has 50,000 Tweets. Most of them are pretty good and appear to be finance-related.

  1. Dan Tanner @dantanner

Dan Tanner may be based on the wrong coast (for finance, that is), but is an expert options trader and internet publisher that also happens to be one of the best charting analysts out there. He seems like a cool guy. More than 120,000 followers must feel the same way.

  1. Abigail Doolittle @TheChartress

Abigail Doolittle, a.k.a. The Chartress, is a Nasdaq Reporter for Bloomberg TV that loves charts. She also maintains an interesting Twitter feed filled with insightful quotes and market recaps.

  1. Pedro da Costa @pdacosta

Simply put, Pedro da Costa is one of the best financial writers in the game. With stints at The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Foreign Policy, da Costa’s track record speaks for itself.

  1. Izabella Kaminska @izakaminska

Izabella Kaminska is a Reporter for FT Alphaville, a portal dedicated to market commentary. Kaminska can be seen tweeting about everything from energy and central banks up to technology stocks and currencies. She’s one of the most dynamic reporters out there.

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