New CTA Buttons For Facebook Pages

Great news for businesses on Facebook because the company is planning to introduce new call to action (CTA) buttons for business pages in the new year. Rolling out now in the USA and the rest of the world next year the buttons are designed to offer more flexibility for businesses wanting to drive traffic from their Facebook page to their website.

Read on to find out what the new CTA buttons for Facebook pages can mean for your business.

Currently CTA button options for Facebook advertisers are as follows:

Shop Now
Book Now
Sign Up
Learn More

Pretty limiting if you are not promoting a product that fits with any of these descriptions or if you are actually trying to drive clients to a video or app. Facebook’s new buttons will include:

Contact Us – linking to a contact form or heaven forbid your direct email address?!
Use App – visitors will be redirected to open your app on a mobile device (of course this one will have to be targeted only to mobile users)
Watch Video – at last a watch video option! Great for promoting a product your video can the provide clear CTAs for clients to take the next step.
Play Game– Great for mobile app developers looking to promote on Facebook

This is great news for advertisers and of course for Facebook who want to make sure that they increase their advertising revenue even further in 2015.

Which buttons would you add? Tweet me @charli_says