“I NEED A FREELANCE WRITER!” 5 Tips For Hiring The Best!

When it comes to promoting your business, content writing is key to your success. Content writing includes the text on your website, social media, e-newsletters, banners, brochures, flyers, editorials… basically everything.

For small businesses this can be a real challenge because it is not always possible to retain a full time content writer yet you know how important it is for your brand to produce high quality content.

A freelance writer could be a life saver for your business but only if you hire the right one. Read my article “I NEED A FREELANCE WRITER!” 5 tips for hiring the best one for you!

1. Make Sure Your Values Match

When you hire a freelance content writer take the time to have a quick chat either on email or via Skype. Get to know your writer to see if they understand your business and its values and ethos. Encourage your writer to ask plenty of questions to ensure that they fully understand your brand and the message you want to convey to readers. Most importantly, make sure that you get on well with the writer you are planning to work with and that you can have a relaxed but professional relationship.

2. Check Previous Writing Samples

When you are hiring a freelance writer don’t be afraid to request links to previously published work. An experienced freelance writer will have no problem in providing these for you and it will give you the chance to check the quality. Anyone can claim to be a great writer but you need to see the physical proof!

3. Cheap Isn’t Always Best

You know the expression “pay peanuts get monkeys”? This also applies to content writing! There are thousands of amateur writers located around the world who will promise you a blog piece for $5 but an experienced content writer will charge more. This is because an experienced content writer will not be copying content, will probably be native English speaking and will take the time to research the subject and create a piece which suits the voice of your brand. Cheap content can devalue your brand, damage your SEO and prevent you from being successful.

4. Start Slowly

If you are hiring a freelance writer then start slowly with the assignments you are requesting. Start by requesting one blog piece so that you can check you are happy with the writing style, content and quality of the work. Once you are confident in your writer’s abilities then you can increase the workload. Don’t be afraid to give constructive feedback so that your writer can incorporate your ideas into future pieces.

5. Discuss Payment

When it comes to payment, freelance writers will have different rates and ways of measuring completed work. Some writers will charge per hour whilst others will charge for the number of words produced. Be clear about what you expect and what your writer expects in terms of payment and agree a timescale and payment method for any work you request. Clear communication will avoid misunderstandings and potential grievances further down the line.

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