The Cinder Path

The forest swallowed her. Left the cinder path. A lone Gretel lost in a tangle. Dark ferns muffled footfall Until she no longer felt herself. Was one with the heavy black. Breathing its baited stillness Swallowing the dread that caught in her throat and beat against her chest. Hers to keep, a sullen crow. Fingered

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Here Are the Biggest Team Communication Challenges, and Strategies to Solve Them

Article written by Charli and published at Hubstaff, leaders in team communication software. When creative minds, analytical thinkers, and customer-focused team members work toward a common goal, great things happen. Whether you’re powering through a joint project or you’re a part of a busy team, an effective communication strategy is essential. Unfortunately, it’s ineffective team

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Letters to the Moon Goddess Selene

@charlisaysAn extract of “Letters To The Moon Goddess Selene” by Charli. 🖋📖🌸Read the full poem at ##writers♬ original sound – Charli Day I accepted sweet Selene, sister of the celestial. That hard pull upward to your lunar light. Stopped still in the street, pulse dropped, as time seeped into the cool Athenian night.A dreamers

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