Be Gone

A thousand empty words. Strewn on the sands and on The tides will take them Tripping carelessly over white horses and dissolving to foam. Exhaled into deep green. Until at last you are gone. #charlisays #poetsofinstagram #poetry #poetrylovers #writerslife #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writing #ocean #beachlife

Summer for Financial Services Marketing

Summer is upon us and for many forex brokers, banks and fintechs that means a break is in order. But, if you’re trying to boost brand awareness and maintain engagement throughout the warmer months, chilling out is simply not an option. Don’t worry, with a good summer strategy, boosting business throughout the holiday season is

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Are We All Sick of Influencer Marketing Yet?

Over the past three years, Google searches for ‘influencer marketing’ have soared by 1,500%. Influencer marketing is projected to be a $10 billion industry by 2020. And with 63% of brands planning to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2019, this trend is showing no sign of slowing. But is there more going on under the surface?

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How to Be Great at Social Media for Financial Services

Article written by Charli and published at AgoraPulse, leaders in social media management software. The financial services sector moves at a rapid rate. The industry has seen an average year-on-year growth of 31% on social media with companies waking up to the fact that a digital presence is good for business. Online marketing for finance

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The Madness In My Wave

There’s a world of madness in my wave A foam of white crest crazy and deep dark you. Bubbling at my breast and tightening my neck. Pulling at my legs and grasping at my hair. That seaweed voodoo charging me off balance. Singing me back, deep into cobalt nothing. Where the depths are too great

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Top Hashtag Mistakes You’re Making 

Hashtags are powerful. When used properly, they can attract followers, increase engagement, help posts reach the desired target audience and develop a brand’s image. However, when used inappropriately, hashtags have the power to ruin social credibility. While it can be all to easy to whack a few hashtags at the end of a post and

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Writing lessons from 5 inspiring authors

I’m a self-confessed bookworm with no qualms about turning down a wild night out in favour of a good novel. I read for fun. But as a writer and someone who thinks deeply about the words on a page, I also read to learn. It’s all about the literary journey. So, instead of curling up

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Summer Marketing Trends

Ah, summer! The perfect time to sunbathe, eat copious amounts of ice-cream – and work your little socks off! Sorry to burst your flip-flop wearing, Pina Colada-sipping bubble, but when it comes to business it’s essential to avoid a slowdown at this time of year. When the sun’s in the sky, it’s normal for holiday

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Bright Boats

“What do you think” she said. “A different country for every decade. To reinvent yourself and never leave a trace of your former self. Never to be left at the olive tree where we first kissed or stand on the shore watching our bright boats fade to sepia in the distance. What if each chapter

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A Look Back at the History of Social Media

I’m a social media butterfly, fluttering between all the coolest platforms from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook and Medium. I follow the big wigs of finance, keep up with the latest news and create social strategies for clients too. I’m also a 90’s girl so I’m old enough to remember when there was no social

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