6 Social Media Tips For Affiliates

Being an affiliate can be tough… if your website is not receiving super high levels of traffic then you may be struggling to make money. Today many affiliates are turning to social media to promote their links and if used correctly it can be really effective. So how do you use social media for affiliate marketing? Here are my 6 social media tips for affiliates.

1. Use Facebook Efficiently

Make a Facebook or Twitter page to circulate your message and gain followers but do it right! Make sure your “About” section includes all your information and of course your affiliate link or website address. Ensure you are using an authorised image and logo for the brand you are promoting and that you have their full support. By joining relevant groups and pages on Facebook you will gain additional exposure to millions of potential clients so do it but remember not to spam!

2. Don’t Spam

Now … speaking of spammers… Social communities don’t like them so don’t do it! Spam would include things like copying and pasting your affiliate link everywhere online, promoting on other people’s posts/pages and writing irrelevant comments to include your link. Network respectfully joining conversations and listening to the views of others. By establishing yourself as a professional, regular and valuable contributor you are likely to be successful.

3. Use Images With Links

Affiliate tracking links cannot be embedded into social images as they can in a website or blog but you can still post them! First shorten the long link using a shortener such as Google url shortener to make it neater and save on character space. Next choose a nice branded image and in the comments add your shortened link, then post. Now anyone seeing your lovely picture will also see your lovely link!

4. Network on Linkedin

Linkedin is a great place for you to connect with potential clients and earn some affiliate clicks! Remember to ensure that your profile is updated including your affiliate link and contact details and join the relevant groups to your product or industry. Avoid sending unsolicited emails and instead take the time to introduce yourself and build valuable connections.

5. Utilise Forums

There is a forum for pretty much everything these days so whether you are marketing a beauty product, property, clothes or finance you will find a ton of them!  Remember to read and adhere to forum rules otherwise the moderator can kick you off and ban you for good.

6. Use Hangouts

Use Google hangouts to video chat with <10 friends at a time and the cool thing is that it’s completely free! Make sure you plan your video chat in advance and prepare all the correct documentation such as presentations, Q&A and any handout material your attendees might want. If you are marketing a product then it could be a good idea to speak to the brand first as they may be able to provide you with valuable information or guidance.

Are you an affiliate? Tweet me @charli_says and let me know your favourite social marketing tips.