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Charlotte Day known in the marketing industry as Charli is a British content writer based in the Mediterranean with a strong background in social media management,writing and digital marketing.

Charli believes that when it comes to promoting your business, content writing is key to your success. Awesome writing is necessary for so many areas of your business from blogging through to website text, social media and e-newsletters. If you do not have a professional onsite writer for your brand then you may need to consider outsourcing your writing tasks.

A freelance writer could be a life saver for your business but only if you hire the right one. Charli has written over five hundred articles, news pieces and case studies which have been published online and successfully incorporated into her social media campaigns. Charli is highly creative and skilled at constructing unique and captivating content that sets trends and distinguishes brands from their competitors.

Charli recognises the connection between content writing and social virality. This is the difference between someone reading your blog and enjoying it or reading it, enjoying it and feeling compelled to share it.

Today content can easily be shared via social sharing icons however it has to connect with the reader for that to happen. Virality occurs when a piece of writing delivers a strong and meaningful message to the reader which they feel compelled to share with their social media followers and networks.

Charli provides ghost writing or credited articles depending on the requirements of the brand. Browse the blog and learn about content writing, social media or perhaps just read some poetry! Welcome to