Why writing is not about money

2016 has been a great year for me in terms of my writing. My website subscribers have increased, my articles are now being published on high profile third party sites such as Forbes Agora Pulse , Fresh Business Thinking Design Fox and Azzuro Hair. I have also been involved in several 3D events in Cyprus such as my recent Twitter workshop. I want to explain why writing is not about money for me and how I believe that for every great writer the same logic applies.

It is easy to allow your mind to wander (especially if you are a writer) and it is natural to think about your first big book deal and the associated success that it brings but for me this has never been the focus. Here are the reasons why I love to write and why writing is not about money.

1. Writing Relaxes Me

Imagine you have a thousand thoughts cooped up in your mind and you can’t speak them aloud. Your mind becomes frantic and cluttered with no way to release them. Writing allows me to calmly express thoughts and ideas leaving my mind free to focus on the next goal. I believe it is the same for many other professionals too, for example a fitness enthusiast may feel calmer and more focused after a physical workout… well mine is the same (except with tea and biscuits!). Whilst it is true that as a professional writer, you are not simply writing poetry and creative stories, you are still able to express yourself through the written word.

2. Rewards Are Not Financial

Yes commercial writing does pay well especially if you are an established writer with a good reputation. That said, when I publish a piece of writing I’m never thinking about money. As a Social Media Manager I watch the shares that the piece has attracted and the comments it has received. I love to see that a piece of writing has been shared hundreds of times and that the advice I give has benefited the reader. This truly is more important. Additionally, if I’m honest, it feels great to be known and respected for what you do and I love to be recommended to others.

3. Goals Have No Boundaries

When it comes to goals mine have never centered around money. I aim to be widely published across the main social media websites and forums, recognised as an expert in my field and ultimately to have my book published. None of these goals come with a price tag. It’s great to have money but I have never linked it to my goals and creative plans. Perhaps this is wrong but for me creativity can never be money motivated or it would simply cease to exist.

Are you a writer or an artist and do you agree? I would love to hear from other creative professionals tweet me @charli_says and let me know.