Why Nobody Read Your Content

Content is King right? Yes it is but what happens when you write great content, publish it and nothing happens … do you ever sit back to wonder why nobody read your content? It’s heartbreaking to publish a blog piece only to find that nobody read it, shared it, liked it or cares about it. This is, in fact where a lot of bloggers and content writers will give up, simply believing that they have been beaten by other better known writers online.

Sure, you win some and you lose some but the question you have to ask yourself is Why did nobody read my content?

  1. Your SEO is poor

If your SEO (search engine optimization) is poor then your article will not be picked up by users searching for the topics you are talking about. If your article is about a real estate agency in Florida but you do not include relevant key words, phrases and client queries such as “houses for rent in Florida”, “cheap apartments in Florida” or “what is a good real estate agent in Florida” then how do you expect your article to get noticed?

  1. You have no content credibility

Are you writing about a topic you don’t understand? I intrinsically know and understand content and social media so I write about it. I don’t understand mathematical equations so I don’t write about them… you see? If you publish an article about a topic you do not understand you will not establish credibility and your readers will not pass it on or be encouraged to read your future articles. Yes we can learn about other brands and write about their products but we have to make an effort to really understand them first.

  1. Your expectations were too high

If you are a new blogger and you expect your content to go viral then your expectations are probably misguided. Even seasoned writers like myself are not expecting thousands of shares each time. Some topics will produce higher results than others and much of the results depend on your own social media efforts… let’s come to that! Monitor interactions and take note of what and where people are sharing and where your website visitors are originating from. This way you can play to your strengths and increase virality.

  1. Your timing was out

I have been guilty of this one many times! I write a blog in the early hours of Sunday morning, glass of wine in hand and hit publish. Remember that great content is only great if people actually see it and respond to it so if you are posting articles at anti-social hours then you will not receive a good response. Because newsfeeds are fast moving you really need to push your piece out when people are looking otherwise it will be buried way down.

  1. It isn’t sharable

Great content begs to be shared … remember that! Whether you are imparting wisdom, sharing secrets, presenting a special offer and writing about something funny… your readers should want to share it. If they share it then the world is your oyster… if they don’t then it will not spread beyond that website visitor. When you are writing your content stop and think… Would I share this? If the answer is no then you have doomed your piece to fail! If you receive a high number of shares on a piece then remember what you did and replicate the ingredients for success next time. The other thing to consider here is .. can they share it? If you don’t have share buttons on your blog then you are making it very difficult for them to do so!

  1. You didn’t promote it

I left this one until last but actually it is one of the most important elements of great content writing. If you are writing a blog piece then you have not finished when you publish it to your website. This is the beginning and now you must share it yourself to ensure it gets picked up in other places. Tweet your article every day for a week, share it on your Facebook page, tag friends that it might be relevant to, link to it from similar forums and respin the content for Linkedin. If you are not willing to put in the effort then don’t expect the results!

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