What’s Up With All The Apps?

I love my Smartphone (android forever) and I love being able to utilise the apps that come with my main platforms … Twitter, G+, Facebook, Linkedin and of course the now compulsory Messenger app for Facebook. I also throw in a few social apps such as Whatsapp and of course the staple of every single girl’s app collection the legends that are Tinder and OKCupid!

My issue is that however many Apps I accumulate, it never seems to be enough to satisfy the demands of friends and clients wanting to reach me. A friend will ask me if I have Viber or Snapchat when I have offered WhatsApp. Then for video calling they want to reach me on KakaoTalk, Tango or Fring when I have offered Skype and don’t even get me started on file sharing options! Seriously people can we not all use the same ones?

My Smartphone is running insanely slowly because I have a ton of apps sitting on it that don’t get used and let’s be honest some of them have pretty hefty memory consumption. I think that I have app fatigue from constantly downloading them and then removing them again! With 500,000 + mobile apps available worldwide I’m thinking that this might be an issue that other people have to endure too?

The app economy is enormous and every new start up is building an app for their product or service so it doesn’t seem like it will slow down anytime soon. Can you imagine the home screen of your iPhone or Smartphone in ten years time? There will be so many apps with everyone messaging you, video calling you and sending you photos on all different apps at the same time! So that’s my little social media whinge for the day and I leave you with a positive note… the apps I absolutely love and will not be removing from my phone:

Netflix is the world’s leading service for watching TV episodes and movies. The app from Netflix provides thousands of titles which you can stream straight to your android … YAY!

I love Mashable and the app alerts me whenever a story is starting to go viral. This is essential for me as a social media manager because I need to know what’s happening a little bit before everyone else does!

Pocket is awesome for busy professionals! If you find a lengthy article that interests you but you don’t have time to read it then it will allow you to save it for later. Pocket’s Android app stores the stories offline so wherever you are you… bus, plane or WiFi desert you can still catch up!

What do you think – are there too many apps? Tweet me your thoughts or favourites!

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