Are Web Push Notifications A Good Idea?

Web Push Notifications are popping up on more and more websites but are they a good idea and are they worth your time? The answer is yes, web push notifications are a good idea and in this article I’m going to tell you why.

What Are Web Push Notifications?

The overall adoption of web push notifications is just 250K websites globally. That’s not many at all and probably a result of many marketers not fully understanding what they are and why they should use them.

Website push notifications are short notifications that are sent to the users on desktop and mobile even when they are not on your website. A bit like an SMS but an online version. They are a great way for marketers to update anyone who has opted in, about your latest news, special offer or event and get them back to your site. Web push notifications are only sent to users who have visited your site and agreed to be notified. It is also easy for users to opt out which means no spam, no blacklisted servers and less consumer irritation. In a digital world where the average user receives 88 emails in their inbox each day, web push notifications are a great way to get your message across.

Stats About Web Push Notifications

  • Over 18 billion notifications are sent everyday
  • Weekly notifications could increase 90-day app retention by 2x on iOS and 6X on Android
  • HDFC bank got more than 10X CTR after using web push
  • Rehlat boosted itsconversion rate by 2.5X with web push
  • Direct open rates could increase by up to 56%.

How do You Implement A Web Push Notification?

The great thing about web push notifications is that they can be updated in real time or scheduled if you know you have a big update coming. You can also schedule them according to different time zones which means you are reaching subscribers at the right time and not when they are asleep! I like OneSignal which is a free service that allows you to add push notifications to any website, web, or mobile apps via a WordPress plugin. Check out this handy installation tutorial here.

Tips For Successful Web Push Notifications

  1. Don’t overdo it

One surefire way to quickly lose subscribers is to overdo your notifications! Nobody wants the constant interruption of hundreds of pop ups each day. Your content marketing strategy should be clear on how many web push notifications you send each week and limit them to key updates or offers.

  1. Use images for your pushes

With web push supporting rich notifications, it’s easy to add images. We know that images attract attention much more than text so choose an image that is eye catching and representative of your message. Again, don’t overdo it- you don’t need an image on every notification. Also, it probably goes without saying but images and text must ALWAYS be SFW (safe for work). Nobody wants inappropriate images popping up on their work screen!

  1. Set notifications in different languages

Once you know the preferred language of your users, you can push out notifications in that language. You know that thinking global and acting local is the key to successful communications right? Check out Astro Gempak who send out web push notification to their users in Malay thus creating a sense of belonging and personalisation for users.

  1. Keep it simple

This is not a Shakespearean essay, nor is it an opportunity for you to list every single offer on your website. Adding too much information is confusing and ineffective so you should be sure that you are keeping things simple.  Keep your CTA button (s) clear and make sure they are going to the link you are talking about. The customer journey should be simple and short.

  1. Segment your users

If you are marketing to different sectors or demographics then you should segment your users before sending web push notifications. Browser push notifications will intelligently segment users according to their behaviour and interests which means you are sending relevant updates. It’s all about personalisation and this is one way to increase your CTR (click through rates) and hopefully your sales.

  1. Don’t be pushy

I say it over and over again at Charli Says so one more time… don’t be pushy! Your push notifications should be a combination of useful information, offers, education and company news. You need to make users feel that you are providing them with a useful service instead of just trying to sell them something. Constant buy, buy, buy messages are a big turn off and are sure to lose you subscribers.

  1. Add social sharing buttons

Yep, you can add social sharing buttons to your web push notifications… how cool is that! A share button can be present in the notifications, enabling users to broadcast it on their Facebook, Twitter, G+, Linkedin. This is super effective if you are promoting an offer, event or sale as your users will share it with their friends and you will grab more web traffic.

Now what do you think… are web push notifications a good idea? Tweet me @Charli_Says and let me know.