And they scattered as she stumbled through the gleaming square

A black and white movie and her red satin shoes stained by rain

Dress trailing on the silver lined pavement, tendrils damp to her shoulders

Plumes of misty feathers rising in a low flustered cloud above her head

An elusive snowy feather passes ghostlike through her fingertips

If she stayed she could join them, a being unbound and limitless

Stand on tiptoes, shake off her bleak encumbrance to the release of a star studded sky

Exchange pearls for billowy white wings tumbling each strand to the floor

Watching them disperse like tiny burdened worlds as strangers grasp them

Yes, she would join them, soar this urban mess just once then look away

And they would whisper in hushed tones when they found her vanished

A mystery they could never fathom by looking earthward when all that remained

A pair of red satin shoes in the square