Top 3 Linkedin Fails

Linkedin is a great social media network for professionals. It allows us to make valuable connections, showcase our talents, find the right career, recruit top talent and gain clients for our brands. The problem with Linkedin lies not in the platform itself but in the mindset of many users who have not fully grasped how to utilise it to its full potential which is a pity. So let’s take a look at the top 3 Linkedin fails and how you can avoid them.


Linkedin is a professional network but many confuse it with Facebook which is a big fail. Posting photos of your cat, updates about what you had to drink last night and those terrible “like if you agree” images is all wrong. If you are using Linkedin then you should be representing yourself and your brand in a professional light. Your profile photo should not be one of you on a drunken night out and you should be mindful of the things you are posting.


How many times has this happened to you… you add a new connection and within minutes you have three unsolicited messages from that connection trying to sell you something. If you’re anything like me that person gets removed immediately and possibly even reported for spam. Don’t spam your connections… got it? Sure you might want to promote your brand but take the time to get to know your new connection, read their profile, find out about them and then introduce yourself politely ensuring your message is tailored to them. Making connections and engaging with them is key to good business success not a copy paste spam email.


If you are on Linkedin to find a new job or to make connections then make sure your profile is perfect. No spelling mistakes, completely filled out, plenty of information about you, links to your work, portfolio examples etc. There is no point in being there with just your name and expecting recruiters to hunt you down…. it won’t happen. If you are a writer then publish some articles, if you are a photographer then share your work… showcase your talents to make you irresistible to your connections.

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