Social Media Security – Are You Playing It Safe?

Whether you are a social media end user or a Social Media Manager like me, there are plenty of social media security issues to be aware of. When you are using social media for personal use then it can be centered more around your own safety whilst Social Media Managers are concerned with the safety and wellbeing of the brands they manage. So with this in mind, take my Social Media Security – Are You Playing It Safe? quiz and see how careful you really are!

#1 You Have Facebook Pages On Your Smartphone Do You:

A: Ensure that your phone screen has a combination lock & do not lend it to anyone.
B: Don’t worry about it – your phone will never get stolen anyway.
C: Try to be careful where you put your phone down in public places.

#2 The Set Up For Your Social Media Passes Is:

A: Only myself and one other trusted team member have management access & change passwords regularly.
B: They are stored on our company server- anyone can access them.
C: Some people I don’t know have management access but I think it’s ok.

#3 When I Get Friend Requests On My Facebook Profile I…:

A: Check their profile before accepting, if I don’t know them then I reject them.
B: Accept them immediately, I will know them from somewhere right?
C: If we have mutual friends I accept them.

#4 The Details I Add To My Social Profiles Are:

A: Basic- simply my town, day of birth and occupation
B: Everything… relationships, full D.O.B, check ins, address and phone number
C: I have my place of work and relationship but I’m careful about other things

#5 Privacy Settings on Facebook

A: Only my friends can see my profile and I use tagging control and customized posting.
B: What privacy settings?
C: I set my profile to friends only but I don’t understand the other settings.

Mostly As
You are definitely playing it safe on social media – WELL DONE! You have understood how to protect your profile and brand online and therefore minimized your risks.

Mostly Bs
You need to tighten up your social media security because you are taking risks. By allowing anyone to access passwords and leaving your privacy settings open you are asking for trouble. Don’t wait until you fall victim to a brand hijacking or a profile intrusion before you take action- do it now!

Mostly Cs
You have the right idea about social media security but perhaps you need to take some time to play with your social media account settings and find out what else you can do. Sometimes you just go along with the easiest option such as accepting existing access controls without question. If you are managing your pages do not be afraid to take control!

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