She Lives

It’s been some time since I wrote poetry, busy busy in the content marketing world! Here’s one I wrote tonight whilst sitting on my balcony, it’s called “She Lives” and I hope you enjoy it.

She lives in that cool night breeze

A minty kiss on your cheek that wakes you gasping

A faint scent of jasmine that cloys the air

Leaves you spellbound in her garden.

She lives in the first splash of ocean

Tiny worlds cast rainbows from your lashes

Look to the horizon, a blurred myth

Don’t blink for she is fleeting

She lives in the whisper of the cypress trees

When the earth is still and holds its breath

You will hear her voice if you stand alone

A soft sweet song that brushes each leaf

She lives in that tiny white shell on the sand

Hold it in your palm, its pearly smoothness

Raise it to your ear and listen

She’s alive, she’s alive

She lives in the petals of the sweet pink rose

Tickle your nose and breathe the sweetness

Let her linger a while, her powder softness

She lives, she’s here, she’s always been