How To Promote Your Website For Free

A website which is built and then not promoted will simply join the millions of other unvisited websites on the internet. In my article How To Promote Your Website For Free I will teach you the best ways to get some exposure… without spending a cent!

Promote Your Website – Directories

Online directories are a great way to extend the reach of your website, increase SEO (search engine optimisation) and get seen by prospective clients. Often directory sites offer a free basic listing with a chance to upgrade to a highlighted or premium spot later. If you are watching your expenditure, then focus on the free listings first. Make sure that you include key words in your listing and you will find that web searches pick up your site, even if it is indirectly.

Promote Your Website- Testimonials

Ask your valued clients for a testimonial which you can feature on your website, external directories and social media sites. Testimonials are a great way of endorsing you and your brand and encouraging potential clients to your site.

Promote Your Website – Blogging

Blogging is so valuable for your new website so include a blog or news section on your own website and keep it updated …. you can also blog on other sites too. Think about ways you can provide tips and informative articles which relate back to your website. Always include information about your business, a back link to your website and the all important key words. If you are not a writer then you can chat with me about regular ghost written blog pieces.

Promote Your Website – Social Media

If you are a traditional business consider Facebook and Linkedin as your networks, whilst a business specialising in photography might want to be on Instagram and Pinterest. Keep your channel (s) updated regularly and link to your website blog to increase visitor interaction. Check that your social platforms include your contact details and website address at the top of the “about” section so that visitors can easily jump onto your site. Make sure your website has social sharing icons to ensure visitors can easily share your awesome content and spread your message!

Promote Your Website – Affiliates

Getting affiliates to drive traffic to your site is a great way to increase traffic and drive sales. Whilst this method is not exactly free it is calculated on a “no win no fee” structure. An affiliate will place a banner on his own website, blog or social media site linking to yours and each visitor clicking through his banner and placing an order on your site will earn money for him.

These are the main ways to promote your website FOR FREE and some of the most successful businesses have done so without spending any cash.

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