Once it was Spring

Once it was spring and the butterflies in her mind
Fluttered and drank the honey nector
Danced as each second passed, her footprints hurried on the golden streets
A courtyard snow globe of blossom and the boy waiting.
Once it was spring and a thousand blissful days belonged
Of plane tickets and trinkets and notes she never knew she’d write
An adventure that spanned the cool ocean and rode the white horses
From the castles rising from the water to the orange groves high on the mountain.
Once it was spring when the bees hummed a tune and the scent of damask roses from the small vase by her bed
And her dreams a gentle filter of sail boats and picnics in the soft grass.
Once it was spring and she wore a band with a name inscribed
Her hands fragile inside his own yet safe and held.
Once it was spring.

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