Meet Charlotte

Professional Background

Born and raised in Berkshire, England. Charlotte studied English literature and publishing. Identifying as a writer and reader, she began her career as a local events writer progressing to a senior content marketing manager within the finance sector.

Charlotte is now a senior content marketing strategist responsible for a number of high profile brands. As a director at Contentworks  her success lies within her ability to take complex subjects like blockchain, finance and forex and turn them into engaging and educational talking points.

A content marketing thought leader,  Charlotte has 1000+ articles published and frequently speaks at events, podcasts and webinars. She provides content marketing thought leadership at leading sites like Hubstaff, Linkedin and AgoraPulse.

Fun Facts

  • The Charli Says site was inspired by a 1970’s British cartoon series Charly Says in which a wise cat gives safety advice to children.
  • Charlotte now lives in the Med and credits the sea as being one of her main inspirations for creative writing
  • Charlotte has written video scripts for a number of leading brands including NEC and SGame Pro.
  • An animal lover passionate about social justice, Charlotte often lends her content marketing support to charities and NGOs.

Working Together

Charlotte accepts new clients on a case by case basis and provides consultancy, strategy and content marketing services. Event presence and speaker slots will be considered on a case by case basis. Enquiries via the contact page.