Let’s Go

Let’s go to our sacred place, over the bridge where the tulips smile

Touch the silk and handmade lace and stay awhile

Let’s go to the café without a name, under the domes in mosaic shade

Drink spiced tea from a tiny glass, and nibble on the candied figs

Let’s go sit under trees by the river, the grass is lazy and the boats are distant

Read a mystical chronicle there, brushing blossom from my hair

Let’s go see my favourite castle, the one with the rocks and the princess waiting

Staring from the turret window, see the turquoise flow forever

Let’s go to the ice cream seller, eat dondurma sweet like honey

Catch the drips and laugh together, sticky hand in hand forever

Let’s go home the dusk is coming, through the streets where the lamps are swinging

Sunkissed cheeks and aching feet, let’s go home and sleep sweet dreams

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