Which Hashtag Should I Use?

As a Social Media Manager, one of the questions I am frequently asked is Which Hashtag Should I Use? If you are using Twitter on any other social platform which recognises hashtags then it is important to use them but which ones? Hashtags can dramatically increase the reach of your post or status which means more interaction and more followers.In fact, using a good hashtag can have numerous benefits for your channel:

Main Benefits of Hashtags

  • Join relevant conversations
  • Gain followers with similar interests to you
  • Gain plenty of retweets if the hashtag is trending
  • Find the right people to follow
  • Create a unique campaign for your brand

There are hundreds of popular hashtags which get used on a daily basis by social media users worldwide. If you are going to post a status or send a tweet then think about whether it falls into one of these categories:

Popular Hashtags

  1. #photooftheday
  2. #tbt or #throwbackthursday
  3. #motivationalmonday
  4. #selfie
  5. #picoftheday
  6. #transformationtuesday
  7. #sundayfunday
  8. #motivationalquotes
  9. #quoteoftheday
  10. #humpday (use on Wednesdays)

So… let’s say you are a hair salon wanting to show a before or after photo save it for Tuesday and use #transformationtuesday. Alternatively if you are a photographer you should use #photooftheday to properly showcase your work. 

Hashtag Campaigns

If you are creating a campaign (landing page, social media campaign, web promotion or offline event) then you can use hashtags to draw attention to the event and gather dedicated followers. Think carefully about the hashtag you choose before encouraging people to use it and be careful that it doesn’t spell out something inappropriate – think Susan Boyle’s Album Launch Hashtag #susanalbumparty … really… think about it! In this instance the hashtag could have been #susanlaunchparty or #susanboylealbum. Make sure that your campaign hashtag is not too long and is easy to spell and be sure to monitor mentions and interactions or there is no point in doing it at all.

I will be revisiting the hashtag subject in more detail soon, however I hope that this article provides some answers for now! Which is your favourite hashtag? Tweet me @charli_says